Poker Strategy On Being A Good Loser

While it is vital for a poker play to be able to play well and win, this is the exhilarating part of the game – it is also very important to learn to be a good loser. Online poker today is at an all time high in popularity, we also see tournaments on television all the time and players winning in the millions with the WSOPE, WSOP and WPT amongst others. The players at the final tables in these tournaments have all learned to win, but they have also learned that sometimes they lose and to lose well is just as much of an art-form as winning.

Poker is a dramatic game where fortunes may be won and lost in the blink of an eye and there is only ONE winner at the end of the game. There will always be a better player than you and with online poker churning out hot new players all the time, we never know who we will be up against next, will it be another Annette_15?

The broken bodies of losing players are many more than the players at the top of this massive pool of Texas Hold ’em players for example. Hold ’em is a very easy game to win which can give an unschooled poker player a huge ego boost, and it can be won on the luck of a draw. Although poker is considered to be a game of skill, luck is a fleeting moment in time, and Texas Hold ’em in particular, takes a lot of luck to win. The player on a lucky streak may become overconfident if they continue to win and feel horribly let down if they lose. It is for this reason that the poker player never stops learning and good poker means understanding that you will sometimes lose.

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There are also many situations when playing poker, on which the player is called to lose, and this often works hand in hand with good bankroll management. The player is often called to fold for the sake of saving their bankroll for a better prize at a later stage. It is a well known fact that only approximately 20% of hands are starter hands in this game.

Skill in playing poker will last the player a lifetime, whereas luck is something that comes and goes. Having the right skills for losing is therefore just as important as having the right skills for winning poker.

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